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Advantages of PRP over Other Hair Transplant Procedures

 Irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman, thinning and balding hair can put a considerable dent on your appearance and eventually self-confidence. It can be downright traumatizing to see your hair fall out in chunks all of a sudden. Hair loss occurs for a number of problems. For some it is a hereditary issue while for others, it is due to a medical condition like alopecia. Environmental problems like pollution also contribute to the problem.

People search for myriad processes to end their misery. While some ravage their kitchen for home remedies, others spend thousands of dollars for the magical cure for hair loss. Dermatologists and hair specialists have come with a number of tried and tested procedures to solve hair-related problems that have become major hits with the crowd. Most people are aware of the hair transplant procedure and the miraculous results produced by the procedure. However, few are aware of the PRP or Plasma rich plasma procedure that has recently hit the market.


DermaClinix, a hair transplant clinic in Delhi focuses on both the procedures – hair transplant as well as the minimally invasive, PRP treatment. In fact, many people have been opting for Hair PRP Treatment in Delhi over the more conventional hair transplant procedures.

So, What is PRP Treatment?

Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP is a minimally invasive treatment targeted for people who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair. The plasma from your own body which is rich in platelets is re-injected to the problem areas. This simple procedure stimulates the production of new hair cells and promotes hair growth. It is a natural way of healing the body without the use of any outside chemicals.


Usually, the platelets are a sort of protein molecules that help in clothing when you have injured yourself. Best trichologists in Delhi and all over the world have noticed that this can also hair regeneration and have adopted it as a measure to hair thinning. 


PRP treatment has some obvious advantage over normal Hair Transplant procedure:

  • While hair transplant can take up to eight hours in some cases, PRP treatment is much faster, taking anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.
  • There is little to no recuperation time in case of such treatments. You can easily fit the procedure anywhere in your daily schedule and you would be done within an hour and no one would be able to tell the difference.
  • Since you own plasma is essentially re-injected into the scalp, you will not get any allergic reaction to the procedure.

  • While it is not as drastic as hair transplantation, you can head to the official page of DermaClinix and easily see the difference in PRP Before After Photos in Delhi NCR. One can expect to see the full transformation within a year of the treatment.
  • PRP treatment is a minimally invasive treatment where there is little to no pain. Hence, it is perfect for people who have low pain tolerance.

If you are looking for a solution for your hair thinning with minimal discomfort, then you should definitely give PRP treatment a try!


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